Things to Pay Attention to Before Looking for Condos for Rent in Bangkok

As an investor, aka the owner of a room for condos for rent in Bangkok, you can enjoy the condominium facilities and stay for free, if the unit is not being rented. If you don’t want to sleep at home and want to spend the weekend with your family in a private condo, you can get this profit.

That’s the various benefits that you will definitely get if you have a condominium investment. However, don’t rush to allocate your money!

As a wise investor you must of course also consider the various disadvantages or weaknesses of condominium investment.

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Let’s continue our discussion about weaknesses or losses that you would be accountable for when investing your money in a condo.

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As a condominium investor, follow the following factors.

  1. Condominium Association Fee for Condos for Rent in Bangkok

As one of the owners of the condominium unit, you have the responsibility to make conditional association payment.

This fee is indeed allocated for the maintenance of various building maintenance which makes you as an investor do not need to approve it.

You only need to pay the dues together with other investors and submit all the arrangements to the management of the condo association that is owned.

  1. Condos for Rent in Bangkok Unit Not Liquid Fund

All property is indeed not liquid funds. For those of you who think that you can sell it at certain times, you are wrong.

Finding condominium sellers at the right price is a difficult business, needed if you need fresh funds quickly.

It is very much agreed that you do not need your emergency fund according to investment in property types, including condos.

Bangkok condo for rent

  1. Other Considerations for Condos for Rent in Bangkok

Yes, of course, benefit is not the only thing you get in this world, as well as in condos investments. There are also things that are considered bad that you need to pay attention to. However, those are still bearable.

  1. Details in the Condominium Construction Agreement and Licensing

Understand this problem by reading the intricate regional regulations regarding the condominium construction permit.

Understand each document’s completeness in the process of obtaining a construction permit.

Associated with an analysis of the environment, commitment to use PDAM water (not ground water), management commitments for the development of the welfare of local residents, and so forth.

As additional information, there are often completion of construction by local residents because they are considered to be flawed in licensing procedures.

  1. Be careful in investing in condos

After seeing the various considerations about condominium investment above, consider your enormous need to invest in it?

Do not rush to invest in a condominium, draw down the advantages and disadvantages of each investment instrument that you want to choose. If possible, go ahead with a trusted investment consultant.